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This shuka (traditional cloth/fabric worn by the Maasai) became my safety blanket while being sick, while driving on scary/rough roads, and while having an emotional breakdown in the mountains. One day I wore it traditionally to fetch water and the women at the community water tank had a debate over whose brother/cousin/son I should marry.😐 (at Nairobi, Kenya)

Shuka is not a Maasai word for cloth, but a Kiswahili word for sheet [like bed sheet].  The one on your head looks like a leso/khanga [sarong] based on the pattern and colouring.

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A world first will be taking place this month when a full week of African documentary films are broadcast across sub-Saharan Africaon DStv channel ED (channel 190) and GOtv (channel 65).

This unique film event will see a diverse and exciting range of films screened across 49 countries of sub-Saharan Africa,to coincide with the Durban International Film Festival, the largest film festival in South Africa that takes place from July 17th – 27th.

Sub Saharan Africa Film Festival |

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Artist Lounge: “When Art Gets Political”

Meet Kenyan artist Michael Soi, who is considered to be a part of the next generation of prominent Kenyan artists. Soi started his career as a sculptor and later evolved into a unique and ecclectic visual artist. A majority of his work touches on socio-political concerns. Soi’s art addresses issues of political freedom, self-indulgence and Kenya’s growing sex industry through his own comical interpretation.

There has been much discussion as well as different opinions in regards to China’s involvement in Africa. China is now Africa’s major trade partner and in some cases has been viewed as an exploiter of Africa’s raw materials. “China Loves Africa” was Michael Soi’s 18-piece series that not only captured China’s associations with Africa but also highlighted the manipulative ways that he saw China acting as Africa’s neo-colonist.

“African leaders are seeking trade partners who will not ask questions; so in essence, China is Africa’s sugar daddy. ” - Michael Soi

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